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Membership in the UOL is accomplished through chapters organized at the parish level or by Members-at-Large that are affiliated directly with the national organization. 
Membership is available to any individual who is a member an the Orthodox Church.
Join the Ukrainian Orthodox League and become a member that participates in accomplishing great things!
Each successful UOL charitable, educational or outreach project could not have been done without the wisdom and strength provided by its dedicated members throughout the USA.  
YOU can become a Member-at Large or start your own chapter.
Join today!
Read one member's thoughts bout the UOL at the link below.
Membership inquiries contact--   Daria Pishko-Komichak

Annual Membership dues are only $20 a year. 

Membership includes a subscription to the UOL Bulletin and Delegate status at the Annual UOL Convention.

Join today!  Help make a difference!

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